About myself

I have been a freelance translator since 1993 working in a multitude of areas.

My technical specialty markets are construction (surveying, structural engineering, machinery control, etc.), GNSS (satellite navigation systems using GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, in-car navigation systems, high-end products, PNA/PND, etc.) as well as transport (automotive, railway, avionics, logistics).

On the “lighter side” of the business, I frequently work on texts for games (in-game text, manuals, previews, reviews, strategy guides, walkthroughs).

However, my natural curiosity and customer expectations have led me to regularly participate in training and continuing education programs in order to gain or further my knowledge and experience in many other areas as well. As a result, I have also been able to repeatedly assist customers in the following areas: CAD, CAM, electronics, household appliances, customer magazines, paper & pulp, websites, marketing, sales, horses and – occasionally – medical texts.

Legal and finance are not my favored subject areas; however, upon request, I would be happy to translate texts of this type as well, especially if they are part of your project.

In addition to providing translations, editing and proofreading services, I also offer desktop publishing in InDesign and FrameMaker.

Please also feel free to take a look at Career Development, Tools or Sample Projects and References from Clients.