Career path

Amanuensis is a registered trademark and the official name for language services provided by Guido Lenz.

I have been working as a translator since 1993 and have expanded my services considerably since 1998. Even before I established Amanuensis, I delivered professional translations services. Upon completion of education and training as a surveyor and subsequent work experience in the field (that is, conducting topographic surveys, subdivision surveys, building and engineering surveys) and in the office (calculation of cadastral property values, development of site plans, profile drawings with CAD and much more), I took over editing the surveying and GPS software SDRmap, which was developed by Datacom in New Zealand. This software program was marketed in Germany under the name TrimCAD. In editing the manuals, which had originally been translated in New Zealand, various passages and software additions had to be repeatedly translated from English into German.

After the core business of my former employer, the GPS Gear GmbH, had shifted to high-precision GPS applications in the field of surveying, construction, aircraft and ship navigation, mining and military, more and more translations were needed: manuals, quick guides, product data sheets and also contracts and business correspondence.

Since other companies in the GPS, construction and surveying markets became aware of these translations and then immediately requested translations, Amanuensis – Guido Lenz Translation Services – was born.

I translate from English into German and write German-language texts. However, my helpful contacts to translation agencies and many freelance translators as well as having access to the respective national and international translator databases allow me to also offer translations in just about any language pair.

Following the current market and technology developments is essential to stay up-to-date in the key fields. This is particularly important when it comes to rapidly evolving markets, such as GPS technology and really anything that has to do with computers and the Internet. Those who do not actively use their bilingual vocabulary may not be able to keep on top of things.

In addition to translating, I also offer editing and proofreading services, of translations and other texts. For any text written in any language, including your native language, I always recommend the four-eye-principle. For many years now, I have been working with a trusted external language professional who edits texts that I have composed.

If you need a technical writer, I will author informative texts about your product – whether it’s hardware or software – such as complete user guides or templates for technical writing.