References from clients

This is what my clients have to say:

Thank you again for the quick and perfect execution.
– (2012: Handbook for the Operating System of a GPS Receiver)

No updated file attached?! Oh, that’s because your translation was perfect in the first place!
(2012: Help file for a software package for the preliminary costing at large construction sites; the client had discovered several errors in the original text, which I had, however, already corrected in the translation.)

If you stop being such a good translator, people won’t throw so much work at you at once ;-).
(2012: This was my client’s way of apologizing for sending several large projects, one after the other with tight deadlines.)

Guido you are hard to replace when you are not available. :~)
(2012: Comment from a client when I was not available for a few days and another translator had to be brought in)

Yet another early delivery from one of my favourite translators :-).
(2012: Technical White Paper on new optical surveying  technology, 3,000 words translated in 1.5 days)

I confirm the good receipt of the file. You have beaten the project delivery record 🙂
(2012: Extremely urgent translation of a brochure on construction lasers, 1,000 words delivered ready for printing in 3 hours)

 […] the customer indicated that the language quality of deliverables will be assessed by the in-house editors on the A to F scale and that so far it was either A or B. The texts were quite technical with a lot of new terminology and the quality of translation is high. „We are very happy with how things are going […]“
(2012: Translation of website content, lottery rules, trading cards and video games)

PS I have to give you compliments for the German translation of the Steel Brochure! The sales people were very pleased with it!
(2011: Translation of a marketing brochure that contained technical information on structural engineering software for steel construction)

Thanks for being an excellent and reliable translator and I look forward to working with you next year!
(2011: Translation of software for planning GNSS measurement projects)

Knowing that the BEST vendors – and I truly believe you are one of these lucky few – will make a choice that feels good to them […]
(Project Manager at a large translation agency)

Your flexibility and ability to meet almost unrealistic deadlines and adhere to high quality standards at the same time have made me a big fan of your work.
(2010: A thank you from a project manager, who has since changed fields)

 […] we frequently recommend you when we get inquiries from German PMs or vendor managers from our other offices because we know that you are familiar with a variety of specialties and deliver solid quality […]
(Wilhelm Werner, Area Vendor Manager Germany & Eastern Europe, Lionbridge)

 We now received client feedback on the German translation of previous number of [the magazine] and they said that the German translation was very good. Good work!!! So if the same translator can do the next [company] job also would be great 🙂
(2007: Translation of a company magazine containing travel reports, resumes of key personnel, process information and a behind-the-scenes look at technical logistics and transport projects)

PRAISE PRAISE! Your Translation was well received! :))
(2005: Accessories catalog for the next generation of video game consoles)

(2005: Translation of handheld video game console)

Thank you for the super fast translation, which  – as always – turned out very good!
(2004: Translation of a manual for a GPS receiver used for running)

TOP translator. We would be happy to work with you anytime.
(2004: Translation for an airport IT system)

[…] thank you very much for your fantastic work; we showed it to a German linguist. She was impressed, very good German and very good translation. Next time we need a translation, we will surely turn to you for help again.
(2002: Press releases for companies in Western and Eastern Europe about an international networking event)