Sample Projects

Due to non-disclosure agreements, client information is confidential; therefore, I am unable to disclose very much about my clients and their projects, unless expressly permitted to do so. The following listing provides an overview of the scope and depth of projects I have worked on:


  • Several manufacturers of surveying instruments:
    survey software for PCs, handheld devices, instrument firmware
  • Transpofix GmbH:
    tender documents and website for riding arenas
    Laser manufacturer:
    manuals and software for forestry lasers
  • Several manufacturers of surveying and construction instruments:
    manuals, data sheets, software and websites for construction lasers, slope lasers,
    machinery control systems, road construction


  • Garmin GPS receivers (consumer devices):
    manuals incl. all desktop publishing , PC software, receiver firmware,
    product catalogs, website content
  • NovAtel GNSS (professional devices):
    data sheets, parts of manual, software, presentations
  • Other GPS and GNSS manufacturers (consumer and professional devices):
    manuals, data sheets, software, firmware, training materials, websites, information material for trade fair
  • Various manufacturers of navigation devices (consumer devices):
    manuals, data sheets, software, firmware, training materials, websites, information materials for trade fair
  • Others:
    textbooks and brochures on geographic information systems (GIS), documents for military development projects

Transport, Automotive

  • Several manufacturers and suppliers:
    Marketing materials, websites and technical information about a premium Japanese car brand
    Marketing materials for a premium British car brand
    Auto workshop manuals
    Management presentation of the company Eurofighter
    Sales brochures for agricultural machinery
    Data sheets, training materials and sales brochures for a truck manufacturer
    Software instructions for railway operations
    Tender and supporting documents for new railway tracks


  • ZDNet:
    entire website (up to the point when the project was merged with
  • Other customers:
    Games and game content for Wii, NDS, PSP, Xbox 360, PC (from mild to wild), e.g., Pokémon
    Party games (online games, casino games)
    Flight simulators for PC and Mac, parts of manual for flight sim for Mac with technical background information
    Newsletters, live trade fair reports, event materials, reviews, previews, walkthroughs
    In-game text for several MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), e.g., World of Warcraft, Archlord, Lord of the Rings Online


  • Several manufacturers and suppliers:
    manuals, online help and GUI for several CAD, CAE and CAM systems

Electronics & Appliances

  • Thuraya satellite telephones (German distributor):
    data sheets (incl. DTP)
  • Various customers:
    Product catalogs, press releases, presentations
    Copiers, routers and other telecommunications and IT hardware
    Operating instructions, incl. recipes for use of specific kitchen appliances

Customer Magazines

  • Employee and customer magazine for a paper manufacturer
  • Employee and customer magazine for a logistics company


  • Telecommunication companies:
    presentations and technical tenders/RFQs
  • ZDNet:
    website content, tests, general articles
  • Other customers:
    System overview for an airport IT infrastructure
    SAP training materials
    Enterprise antivirus software

Industry Customers

  • Various clients:
    Auction website for industrial assets (movable and immovable property)
    Tenders and technical data for boiler and firing installations
    Technical catalogs for a lock manufacturer
    Technical and tender documents for partitioning walls
    Tender documents for high-voltage switching gears (electronics/energy technology)
    Technical manual for a submarine radar system
    Technical and maintenance manuals for military radar systems for marine applications


  • Client in the sanitary field:
    presentations for new product range
  • Other customers:
    Fielmann info flyer on warranty
    Flyer and information walls for exhibitions at trade fair
    Meeting minutes on restructuring a multi-national enterprise (Chapter 11)
    In-house materials for an apparel company (new fashion line, catalog, store layout,
    employee guidelines)
    In-house announcements of a tire manufacturer
    Employee handbook, training materials, market research questionnaires