Please note:

The following prices are not intended for private individuals, only for businesses. The below prices therefore do not include VAT (currently 19%). Clients outside of the European Union, for example US-based, are not required to pay VAT.

Translation rates (base price)

Please request a free no-obligation quote.

This is important because only after I have reviewed your documents that need to be translated am I able to determine the final price, and this way you will know in advance exactly what the translation will cost. We can arrangements for one of several billing options (e.g., hourly rate, rate per word, rate per line).

To give you an idea of the pricing: A two-page data sheet may cost approx. 120 to 150 euros (without desktop publishing). The price for a 50-page manual created in FrameMaker with desktop publishing and editing will be around 2,000 to 3,000 euros. A standard PowerPoint presentation, including formatting, will run about 400 euros. A single page on a website, for instance, a brief Company Profile, would be about 50 to 90 euros.

Naturally, I do not charge the full price for updating a document that I previously translated for you or for frequent repetitions in a text; I offer a percentage discount (dependent on the type of text).

If you send me your text, I would be happy to let you know what the price for just the translation would be. The price that you will be quoted will be the base price for basic translation services. Translation services include spell-checking using special software and one-time proofreading of the translated texts, which is done by me. The following is an overview of the pricing structure for additional services.

Prices for additional services (surcharges)

If you do not have an editable file (XML, Word, PPT, etc.) and I will need to recreate the translation in a new file (e.g., from a PDF file or from a hardcopy source), there will be a surcharge of 10% in addition to the base price (but a minimum of EUR 50).

For desktop publishing, I charge 30% of the base price (but a minimum of EUR 50). This includes importing and exporting the texts to/from the desktop publisher, followed by checking the layout and adjusting the texts and layout in InDesign or FrameMaker or other software (Windows versions). Also, once the translation has been submitted and you request small changes a few weeks later, there will be no extra charge for this.

Upon request, I can arrange for an independent party to carry out proofreading or editing. The charge for this service is 20% (proofreading) or 30% (editing) of the base price. Proofreading involves checking for and correcting spelling and grammar errors in the target text (the translated text) as well as checking for and correcting gross stylistic errors in texts that were not translated by me. Editing, on the other hand, is a much more detailed examination of the translated text, whereby the original text is compared with the translated text to ensure that the meaning is the same in both texts, that nothing has been left out in translation and to improve the overall quality of the text. Editing a text may sometimes result in needing to rephrase passages or even entire sections.

If you would like to have a term list translated, then the surcharge is 500% on top of the base price; this is because there is usually a tremendous amount of time-consuming research involved in finding the exact equivalents of the specialized terms.

Other prices and terms of payment

If you have a rush request that requires work to be done on weekends, public holidays or after hours, the surcharge is 25% on top of the total charge (base price, plus any of the above-mentioned surcharges).

The charge for text production and other tasks that are based on an hourly rate is EUR 75/hr. This applies also to desktop publishing, proofreading and editing (prior translation not included).

For express delivery (if this is needed) or other special requests, the actual costs will be billed to you, plus 15%.

The minimum amount per invoice is EUR 50.

Payments are due within 14 days of the invoice date. Bank fees are payable by the client (e.g., for bank transfers/wires from a foreign account).

The prices shown here do not include VAT but are subject to VAT and will be added to the total charge. I offer clients who have standing orders or place frequent job orders each month a monthly billing option and longer payment terms.

Quality warranty

For every error found in a text that I have translated, I offer a deduction of net EUR 5 off of the billed amount. This warranty applies to proven and documented errors in spelling or grammar but not to stylistic issues or alternative spelling options. If, according to the new German spelling, a variance in spelling would change the meaning of a word, the different spelling is permitted (e.g., viel versprechend, sitzen bleiben).