In this section, you will find useful templates and additional information. To open or download the corresponding PDF file, simply click on the download button.

There are no general terms and conditions here.

I believe that the legal regulations are fully sufficient, because your satisfaction is my priority.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Even without this document, I will treat any information you disclose to me as confidential.


A short e-mail confirming the scope, rate, delivery date and the billing address and payment terms is sufficient. Because of the individual scope of services, there is no form for this.

Framework Agreement

If you place orders with me regularly, we can conclude a framework agreement according to this template.


You have very specific requirements and expectations of concerning text production, revision and translation. I have put together a few questions here. Help me find out what makes you “tick.”

About Amanuensis

Do you need a summary of the most important information on this website? Then download this document. It also comes in handy if you want to recommend me.

Project History

This document contains an excerpt list of projects I have worked on over the years.


Here my clients have their say. I would be happy if you would also like to contribute a testimonial—with or without name and project details.

Style Guide

This style guide provides ideas for your own document. If you make no further specifications, I basically follow the rules mentioned therein.

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